Slavery, The Economist, and the Worship of Capitalism

The term is over, I am off to Northern California for some casual debauchery. I will finish my series on Lincoln and race when I get back. But in the meanwhile, here’s a brilliant post in That Devil History by Jarret Ruminski. Jarret gleefully takes on the hapless book review The Economist recently performed on Ed Baptist’s new book, The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American CapitalismEnjoy!


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Christopher Shelley teaches American history and American Indian history at Portland Community College. He is fond of border collies, and bleeds Dodger-blue. Any and all opinions expressed here are those of the expressors themselves, and in no way represent the views of Portland Community College.
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2 Responses to Slavery, The Economist, and the Worship of Capitalism

  1. Jimmy Dick says:

    Come on, post something. How about posting a lead in for the Eric Foner’s ? I think this would make a great topic to talk about. I challenge those who think the Civil War was not caused by slavery to take the course. It is free and will explain a lot to them.

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  2. Nicole S says:

    Hello mate greaat blog post


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