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Libertarians for Lincoln!

Well, maybe not all of them. But while working on the “Lincoln and Race” series, I came across a remarkable set of webpages. Thanks to John McKee Barr at Loathing Lincoln,  I have discovered at least one libertarian who is … Continue reading

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Phil Leigh Hates the Fourteenth Amendment

When I was in grad school taking courses in Constitutional history, we would argue. In one class on religion and the Constitution, my adversary made a point about the First Amendment being the most important amendment. The instructor, Tom Morris—the … Continue reading

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Secession and the Constitution

Was Lincoln Right? In December of 1860, the state of South Carolina held a special convention to answer a monumental question: should South Carolina secede from the Union, and remove itself from its brethren, becoming a fully independent nation? On … Continue reading

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The True Blue Federalist

The True Blue Federalist I was at my favorite pub a while back, and a conversation began that drifted toward Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War. “Well you know,” said the guy on my right, “the war wasn’t really … Continue reading

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