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The Racism of Abraham Lincoln, Part 2

The Context of Lincoln’s Racism So let’s start with absolute reality, stripped of both wishful thinking and ideology: Abraham Lincoln was a racist. Yes, it’s true. For many of us, this is disappointing. But the simple fact that Lincoln was a … Continue reading


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The Racism of Abraham Lincoln, Part 1

The Racism of Abraham Lincoln In early August, this  came across my feed: Lincoln’s handwriting confirmed in nineteenth-century book on racism Experts have confirmed that handwriting in an Illinois library’s copy of Types of Mankind is that of the Great … Continue reading

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Phil Leigh Leaves “Emerging Civil War”

Well, that was fast. No sooner do I discover a Libertarian foil to argue with than I receive this email: Mr. Shelley, My name is Kristopher White and I am one of the editors of Emerging Civil War. I wanted … Continue reading

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Phil Leigh Hates the Fourteenth Amendment

When I was in grad school taking courses in Constitutional history, we would argue. In one class on religion and the Constitution, my adversary made a point about the First Amendment being the most important amendment. The instructor, Tom Morris—the … Continue reading

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Secession, the Expansion of Slavery, and Race

The inimitable defender of Confederate heritage, George Purvis, who blogs at Cold Southern Steel, posted a comment here recently that I think warrants a post of its own. In part, George wrote: You are taking a narrow view of the … Continue reading

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